curriculum vitæ


Four illustrations
of spring ‘09–fall ‘09
The Chinook: a quarterly newsletter
of SCBWI Western WA

Magical Encounter, short story
Fall 2010
The Chinook: a quarterly newsletter
of SCBWI Western WA

“Little Jack Frost,” poem
Spider magazine, November 2006


Feb 18 — Jun 16, 2024
Two artworks
University House
Seattle, WA

Feb 4 — Jun 2, 2024
One artwork
“You Are Here”
The Lakeshore
Seattle, WA

Jan 21 — June 1, 2024
Two artworks
“The Art of Children's Publishing”
Washington State Convention Center
Seattle, WA

Oct 2023–Jan 2024
Two artworks: “Gathering Hearts” and “Spinning Tops”
University House
Seattle, WA

Nov 2023–Dec 2023
Two artworks: “A Couple of Bushtits” and “A Goldfinch Appears”
“Animals” Exhibit
Gallery B612, Seattle, WA

June 22–July 21, 2023
Two artworks: “Fireworks” and “Birdwatching”
“Freedom” Exhibition
Gallery B612, Seattle, WA

February 4–June 4, 2023
Six paintings: celebration of children playing
“The Ring of Fire”
The Lakeshore, Seattle, WA

October 31, 2017–January 3, 2018
“We Hang Hearts”
SCBWI: “Drawn to Books”
Seattle City Hall, WA

September 24, 2016–January 21, 2017
“Kana with Lantern” and 3 acrylic gouache
SCBWI: Tell Me a Story
University House Issaquah, Issaquah, WA

“The Wishing Tree,” featured in
SCBWI Western Washington Illustrators Exhibit
July 1 – Sept 30, 2016
Washington State Convention Center
Rotating Art Gallery
Level 2, South Galleria

Selected illustrations
June 1–30, 2009
City of Auburn Gallery
25 West Main Street
Auburn, WA

September, 2005
“The Rice Flower Girls”
20 watercolors, 12 drawings
Solo show
Normandy Park City Council Chamber
Normandy Park, WA

teaching experience

2009–2011, 2014 (semester 1)
French I, II, & IV
Health Sciences & Human Services HS
Burien, WA

2003–2008, French I
Sylvester Middle School
Burien, WA

1993–1994, ESL
W.A.S.S.P. Exchange Teacher
Yashiro High School, Ono H.S.
Hyogo, Japan

1991–2003, Japanese I–IV IB,
French, Drawing, Sumi-e
Mt. Rainier High School
Des Moines, WA

1989–1991, Japanese I, II
Sno-King Lutheran High School,
Lynnwood High School,
Edmonds-Woodway H.S.

1981–1986, Kindergarten, Preschool
South Whidbey Children’s Center
Langley, WA